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When: Wednesdays-Sundays. Continues through July 31 2016

stepped in front of a column of military tanks heading toward Beijing's Tiananmen Square to help crush the insurrection taking place there. By the following weekend I was pushing a stroller through the 57th Street Art Fair, wearing a T-shirt with that man's picture printed on it. If you were anywhere near conscious that summer, you'll remember the story and the images it produced. The lone protester—still identified only by his media epithet, the "Tank Man"—took up a position in multilane Chang'an ("Eternal Peace") Avenue. The lead tank stopped short before him, and the Tank Man gestured with a bag he was carrying as if to say, Clear off! When the tank turned to go around him, he moved to cut it off, and--strange to say, inasmuch as untold numbers of people had been shot by soldiers and crushed by tank treads the previous night—the tank stopped again. The Tank Man even climbed up onto the vehicle at one point, evidently trying to engage the crew. Things went on this way for about three minutes, until some people in civilian clothes (friends? Samaritans? police?) hustled him off to parts unknown.

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