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Chinese Take-Away

90 minutes

In the opening scene of this Argentinean comedy, a cow drops out of the sky and kills a young woman on a rowboat just as her lover is about to propose marriage. It's a gag straight out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but somehow writer-director Sebastian Borensztein manages to enlarge the movie's scope beyond the narrow parameters of farce. The irascible owner of a Buenos Aires hardware store (Ricardo Darin of The Secret in Their Eyes) grudgingly takes in a lost and confused Chinese tourist who speaks no Spanish but has a local street address tattooed on his arm. Both men are haunted by traumatic pasts, and the fact that this story element works at all says a great deal about Darin's magnetic presence and the breadth of Borensztein's black humor. In subtitled Spanish and purposely unsubtitled Mandarin.

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