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When: Sat., Nov. 26, 9:30 p.m. 2011

Cianide announced this show with some mildly inflammatory rhetoric on their blog: "Yes indeed all you nay-sayers!! We have just set up a show at the Empty Bottle. So, lets decimate the hipsters and kill thy posers. . . . show this town a real Metal/Punk show! The South shall divide and conquer the North." To which I say, well, fair enough. Though Chicago hasn't always been a great town for touring metal bands, it's always had a strong homegrown scene, much of which has been neglected for years—including Cianide, a south-side death-metal institution founded in 1988. The divide between blue-collar metal and so-called hipster metal is a real thing, just like the class-based subtext of the divide between White Sox fans and Cubs fans—and the lesson for the new kids is to listen to the elders. Fortunately, Cianide are making that easy: they've just released Gods of Death (on the Ohio label Hells Headbangers), their first album since 2005—it's gritty and straight-ahead, a nasty, chugging monster of a heavy-death record, not immune to the influence of doom but hardly bound to it either. The Crypt has also dropped deluxe vinyl reissues of The Dying Truth, Cianide's 1992 debut, and their second album, A Descent Into Hell, both with spectacular packaging and a nice helping of bonus and demo tracks. For now it's still rare to see Cianide outside their natural habitat—when they're not slowly but surely grinding out new material in their basement, they tend to stick to gigs at festivals, most of them in Europe—but with any luck that won't be the case for much longer. —Monica Kendrick Johnny Vomit, Cardiac Arrest, and Bones open.

Price: $12, $10 in advance

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