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Clerical Crimes


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I am a 23-year-old orthodox (some like the term "conservative") Roman Catholic who recognizes that there is indeed a problem with sexual misconduct (and cover-ups) among some of the clergy and members of the hierarchy [November 5]. I believe that all priests who are found guilty of such misconduct should be defrocked and criminally prosecuted--no exceptions.

There is an organization called Roman Catholic Faithful--based in Petersburg, Illinois--which is in the process of investigating allegations of clergy misconduct throughout the U.S. They can be reached at 217-632-5920.

That being said, the Catholic church itself should not be blamed for the misdeeds of a relatively few priests.

I love the church, and I firmly believe that unless people start following the moral order and stop fornicating, contracepting, and aborting their children, our society will ultimately self-destruct.

Matt C. Abbott

N. Sheridan

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