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When: Fri., March 30, 8:30 p.m. 2012

Outlaw-country scion Shooter Jennings, son of Waylon, has rebounded nicely from last year's bizarre and leaden Black Ribbons—a concept album about a renegade DJ defying a future police state, it includes dated-sounding dalliances with prog rock and a voice-over by Stephen King. On the new Family Man (Entertainment One Nashville), Jennings turns his focus inward and sticks closer to his musical comfort zone. "The Deed & the Dollar" is an earnest love song ("She don't just own me / She has grown me / In her secret garden deep in love's holler"), "Daddy's Hands" is about watching a parent approach death, and "Southern Family Anthem" is a double-edged tribute to the ties that bind, praising families for sticking together come hell or high water even as it tosses around ugly cliches about so-called white trash ("Momma's on crank / Daddy's got hep C"). Though the album is certainly more conservative than Black Ribbons, it does cover a fair range: stately roots rock on "The Long Road Ahead" (momentarily derailed by a blammo Tom Morello guitar solo), hard-rocking gospel on "Manifesto No. 4," and Dylan-esque honky-tonk on "The Family Tree." It's not a perfect record, but it makes much better use of Jennings's natural gifts than last year's misfire. —Peter Margasak Cody Canada & the Departed headline. $20

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