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When: Wednesdays-Sundays. Continues through Sept. 10 2011

Colin Quinn is a clever guy with an epic story to tell. This 90-minute one-man show is nothing less than his world history of human foolishness, starting with cave dwellers and running right up through to Snooki from Jersey Shore. There's an endless supply of material, of course, and Quinn's got some smart bits about a mobbed up Julius Caesar, coked up Incas, and how the concept of reincarnation made India hard to conquer (invader to India: "We'll kill you." India to invader: "It won't be the first time"). So why isn't the thing funnier? Why does it start turning tedious before Quinn even makes his way to Russia? I blame the director, Jerry Seinfeld. For all his comic genius, Seinfeld apparently hasn't a clue about how to give an evening a satisfying arc. The show is all stop, start, stop, start: stop in, say, Africa, tell some jokes, then stop in China. There's no build, and Quinn's tendency to stand in one spot talking in unmodulated tones--like a comedian rather than a storyteller--doesn't help. A lot of good wit goes to waste. --Tony Adler

Price: $40-$65

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