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Concrete Parlay: An Evening With Fern Silva

The highlight of this shorts program by New York filmmaker Fern Silva is his latest, Concrete Parlay, an avant-garde travelogue that's striking in form. His Brakhagian framing and in-camera editing techniques create a unique visual and narrative logic in which time and space are of little concern. From such far-flung locals as France, Turkey, and Egypt come a kaleidoscopic array of images, each depicting some expansive landscape, city sprawl, or sociocultural ritual. The technique is jarring yet intriguingly rhythmic. For a film with such deliberate style, it's rather playful: as Silva shifts abruptly between locations, he occasionally inserts shots of a floating magic carpet. Other films on the program include the haunting Passage Upon the Plume and the essayistic Servants of Mercy, both from 2011.


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