Confessions of a Ghost and I Am James Mason

These two videos—each essentially created by a single writer-director-actor-editor—prove that a little imagination can go further than a big budget. Andy Hannon's Confessions of a Ghost (38 min.) follows the title spirit, a bedraggled slacker, around an aged house as he waxes poetic on its charms in a Tennessee Williams-like voice-over. The elegiac tone is intermittently undercut by low-key slapstick, a quirky combination that kept me slightly off balance throughout. The protagonist of Keith Dukavicius's I Am James Mason (40 min.) awakes one morning to discover that he's taken on the screen persona of the British actor, which gradually alienates his lover and his friends. After that Dukavicius seems unsure what to do with the idea besides pay tribute to Mason's films, but he rescues the story with a coolly elliptical ending.

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