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Contemporary Film, Video, and Animation

Among the films available for preview was Sawa Takashi's Mathematica (2000), which offers a poetic montage of images—a pencil making a drawing on paper, split-screen views of water, a tree in a forest. Kentaro Onitsuka's fanciful Blooming Ink Tale (2003) shows a couple eating a meal in ultrafast motion. The most interesting is Ichiro Sueoka's A flick film. . .. It rapidly alternates clips from a Frank Sinatra movie and a Liz Taylor one, copying the rhythms of the alternating black and white frames in Peter Kubelka's flicker film Arnulf Rainer. Flicker films tend to have a purist aesthetic; Sueoka's film mocks that tendency with the messy and funny associations created by the rapid juxtapositions of Liz and Frank. 90 min.

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