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Hours: Thursday-Saturday noon-5 PM
Closed Sunday-Wednesday

Price: $

Cookies and other gluten-free sweets, some vegan as well.

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I'm all for the advance of specialization: joints that do one thing have a good chance of doing them well. For that reason alone, I was favorably disposed toward Cookie Bar, a 70s-retro cookie shop launched by a pair of ex-Angelenos who catered cookies to make ends meet. The huge variety of regular and rotating cookies, a great many of them variants on the chocolate-chip template, are uniformly thin and uniformly three-and-a-half inches in diameter, with a crisp exterior that breaks on a slightly resistant chew. Classics (snickerdoodles, peanut butter) and innovations (pink pomegranate, black sesame) alike boast quality ingredients, like Saigon cinnamon (aka cassia), Callebaut chocolate, and a house-made vanilla blend, with prices per dozen ranging from $12 to $19, the latter for the gluten-free variety. A restrained hand with sugar results in a preponderance of flavor over sweetness; put that together with their reasonable size and these cookies are all about subtlety, not excess. A handful of vegan and gluten-free varieties are available, milk shots are BSG free, and custom-made ice cream sandwiches can be built around gelato from Palazzolo, based in Fennville, Michigan.

Mike Sula

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