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Cows Wearing Glasses

This Puerto Rican drama (2014) evokes silent cinema in its elemental story and emotional directness, and Daniel Lugo's lead performance—rooted in precise, expressive body language—strengthens that connection. He plays an art instructor nearing retirement who discovers that he's going blind; fighting off despair, he vows to finish out the academic year and make amends with his estranged daughter. Writer-director Alex Santiago Perez approaches the material with a similar resolve, focusing on everyday concerns rather than lifelong regrets. One still gets a sense of the character's entire life, however, since Lugo (one of Puerto Rico's most venerated actors) invests himself so thoroughly in the role. Though haughty and stubborn, the instructor isn't bitter about his lack of commercial success as an artist; refreshingly, Perez presents arts education as a worthy field in itself. In Spanish with subtitles.



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