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When: Sun., Jan. 25, 7 p.m. 2009

For much of their nearly 20-year career, Cradle of Filth have had a legitimate claim on the title of most ridiculous band in the world. The British outfit started out as a more or less standard-issue black-metal band but rose to prominence among the Kerrang! set on a hybrid style that combined black metal’s blastbeats and demonic shrieking with the overblown pomp and synthetic strings of symphonic metal. Add to that a high-gothic leather-and-lace aesthetic (picture an evil, decadent Ren Faire), a shameless love of groan-inducing wordplay (they’ve got albums called Nymphetamine and Thornography), and a penchant for imagery depicting nuns as sluts, lesbians, vampires, or some combination of the three (one notorious band shirt had a masturbating nun on the front and the words “Jesus is a cunt” on the reverse), and you have an act that makes Dethklok look restrained. Cradle’s antics have earned them much hate from a certain contingent within the metal community—the contingent that made the mistake of trying to take them seriously. They’re touring in support of their eighth studio full-length, last fall’s Roadrunner release Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder (best song title: “Shat Out of Hell”), and Satyricon and Septicflesh open. —Miles Raymer

Price: $23.50-$26

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