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CREEPS, Boxer Rebellion Theater. In David E. Freeman's drama, disgruntled workers hide out in a men's room, depising themselves for staying in a job they loathe, venting their frustrations by bickering. Their animosity is focused on a former coworker promoted to management and on the managers themselves. The very familiarity of the story is a strength, however, in Boxer Rebellion's well-played production. Most of Freeman's characters have cerebral palsy, and so their dissatisfaction is exacerbated by the challenges they face from a patronizing society. But ultimately these men are aiming for the same self-respect and success everyone seeks.

Michael S. Pieper's cast brings a convincing array of movements and speech to the script's gruff confrontations, camaraderie, and pained confessions. But three actors give the show its emotional core: Danny Belrose as a bitter workshop veteran, Clint Sheffer as an artist desperate to escape the workshop, and Garrett Prejean as the man torn between loyalty to his old friends and the security offered by his promotion. This is a solid production, though Pieper and his cast need to cultivate the satire in the script's surreal sequences, meant both to educate and to provide comic relief.

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