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This week's Culture Vultures recommend:

Chicagoans recommend a labor memoir, the Walking Dead comics, and Reggie Wilson's dance work in progress

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Rebecca Hall, Northwest Chicago Film Society president, is delving into:

Crimes of a Christian Crimes of a Christian is a memoir by a guy named Kent Dickinson who went to prison in the early 2000s for crimes he committed as a member of Chicago's infamously corrupt projectionist union, Local 110. I've been obsessed with labor history lately, and this book is a slice of a very local (and violent) piece of that history that people in the film scene in Chicago don't know anything about, unless they're of a certain age.

Basically, the Chicago projectionist union was having contract-negotiation difficulties with certain theater chains and the inner circle of the union organized—essentially—a campaign of terrorism against the chains who weren't cooperating with them. They set off smoke bombs in various theaters around Chicago (and as far away as New York City), and did other nasty things like flushing socks full of hydraulic cement down the toilets in the theater at Water Tower Place, even slicing theater screens (a horrifying act for any true projectionist).

It's recent enough history to still be a very sore spot for many people, I think—but that's part of what makes Dickinson's memoir worth reading.

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