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So, along with a motley assortment of attorneys, judges, aldermen, businesspeople, and other patrons, Larry Hoover now has the Reader in his hip pocket as well. Why else would you devote TWELVE pages of free publicity ["The Gang That Could Go Straight," January 27] to a murderous convicted felon? Are you truly so naive that you don't realize that Hoover's so-called growth and development plan is nothing but a ploy to attach a cloak of legitimacy to his criminal empire?

Instead of giving even one line of type to this career crook, why not focus instead on some of the many thousands of young people in Chicago who, despite disadvantaged circumstances, have not fallen prey to gangs, drugs, unwed pregnancy, and educational underachievement? Larry Hoover chose his own path and will hopefully spend the remainder of his life in a prison cell pondering his errors. Please stop providing him with a forum for spewing his poison from the penitentiary. There are too many other much more positive stories to tell.

Dexter Morris

E. 72nd

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