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Critical Malfunction


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"Israel Horovitz's adaptation of a Morley Torgov short story barely pushes beyond the point of transcription," Nick Green informs us at the top of his review of Chicago Jewish Theatre's A Rosen by Any Other Name [Section Two, October 8], clearly implying he has read the short story (though perhaps he relied on flawed CIA intelligence). In fact, though most of the principal characters and some of the specific scenes are adapted from Torgov's collection A Good Place to Come From, the central story of Horovitz's play--a boy rebels against his father's decision to change their last name to something not Jewish--is original with the playwright, based on something that happened to a childhood friend, and not to be found in any of the stories in Torgov's book.

So what precisely did Green mean?

Terry McCabe


Nick Green replies:

I did read the story collection, but I shouldn't have relied on my memory. My apologies.

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