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To the editor:

After reading Laura Molzahn's review of Jump Giant Project [February 24], I could hardly believe that I attended the same dance concert. After speaking with dozens of audience members over both nights of the performance, Ms. Molzahn's opinion couldn't have been farther from the sentiment of those with whom I spoke. During Ms. Molzahn's favorite piece, several audience members walked out of the show. It seemed that the worse the audience response to a piece, the more complimentary Laura Molzahn's written statements.

Clearly every reviewer is entitled to their own opinion, and every opinion is somewhat different. As an avid fan of dance, I typically read reviews with different opinions. But Ms. Molzahn's opinions were so far removed from those of every person with whom I spoke, it approaches the point of disservice to those who missed the show and are trying to get an idea of what transpired.

May I suggest that those interested in knowing more about the performance of Jump Giant Project read the review in the Chicago Sun-Times by Lynn Voedisch. And if the Reader were ever interested in presenting dance reviews with a somewhat less isolated viewpoint, may I suggest giving the next assignment to Terry Brennan or hiring Lynn away from the Sun-Times.

Tom LaFleur


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