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When: Mon., Dec. 21, 9 p.m. 2015

To begin to understand the eclectic art-rock explorers in Crown Larks, may I suggest listening to the last 40 seconds of “Blood Mirage,” one of the seven psych-treated, space-cadet tracks from the locals’ 2015 debut full-length, Blood Dancer (Space Lung)? That short stretch is a deconstruction in which skronky sax rapidly tumbles alongside a frenetic nonrhythm on drums and discordant, gashing organ lines. And those several seconds should startle you well enough to brace you for the rest of the album, which is primarily an off-kilter blend of dreamy, nearly ambient soundscapes (“Fog, Doves”) and colorful, Kraut-influenced journeys of avant-garde experimentation (“Defector”). The prevalence of straight-up jamming and improvisation is plenty worth taking note of as well—because neither path feels overwrought during the band’s meandering execution. The droneful and solemn male and female vocals that sweep in and out of the clatter aren’t really much needed to augment the already fantastical world occupied by Crown Larks, but thankfully they don’t distract too much.

Kevin Warwick

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