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When: Sat., June 29, 9 p.m. 2013

Three-quarters of the way through CSS’s fourth album, Planta (SQE Music)—actually somewhere around “Frankie Goes to North Hollywood,” with its simplistic tripping beat and mostly uninteresting chorus—I’d pretty much checked out. This band from Sao Paulo, Brazil—an all-female four-piece since the 2011 departure of founding multi-instrumentalist Adriano Cintra—has pared back the party-rave indie-rock vibe of its earlier catalog, relying more than ever on ethereal washes of synths and the twee, alluring vocals of front woman Lovefoxxx. This might be because Cintra left, or it could be because TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek produced the album. But either way, it’s less fun. That’s not to say Planta is without highlights—the first half of the album is more whimsical than the second, featuring the bouncy, carnivalesque “Girlfriend” and the almost rock ’n’ roll “Dynamite.” And Lovefoxxx is a magnetic and colorful front woman, given to wearing half-leopard, half-rainbow tights and bopping around stage nonstop for an hour—she’ll undoubtedly turn the live show into one helluva sweaty blast. —Kevin Warwick IO Echo opens. Members of CSS also DJ at an afterparty at Berlin.

Price: $18

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