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Cubs Parking


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To the editors:

Hooray for Mike Quigley and every other resident of the 46th ward who stood up for Challenger Park (Neighborhood News, 11/23)! The Cubs have pissed on Uptown long enough. Helen Shiller, usually eager to make a fuss, caved in just when her constituents needed her.

The Trib Company/Cubs want to build a huge parking lot in land that rightfully belongs to the residents as a park. Although Wrigley has superb CTA access, a new parking lot will encourage people to drive. Then road congestion and air pollution will get worse. The lot will attract more cars than it can fit, so the Cubs will say they need another one. Before long, Uptown will look like LA.

I am just glad I only go to Sox games.

Jonathan Silverstein

S. Woodlawn

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