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Culture Vultures: an Andersonville block party, Chicago Community Darkroom, nighttime bike riding, and more

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Christa van Baale, publicist for Neo-Futurists and Raven Theatre, attended:

The block party at Farragut and Paulina

I attend all kinds of block parties, but my favorite one is my own neighborhood's party. It's not a huge one—it's just put together by the people who live around our block, which is in Andersonville. It's great because we have a mix of people in our neighborhood, and the party is a great way to bring them together. It's also a handy way to meet the people you say hello to every day, but don't get to talk to. It's the first place where I met a lot of my neighbors when I moved in two years ago. There's no performances, but they always bring out the fire engine, which is cute for the kids. Embrace your own block parties when they happen—you don't have to go to someone else's.

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