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Culture Vultures: Extreme Kung Fu, Ernest Cline's Ready Player One, and Cupola Bobber's The Field, the Mantel

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  • Peter Gordon

Brettly Kawaguchi, Booking agent at the Heartland Cafe, enjoys:

Extreme Kung Fu

When I'm not booking shows and working at the Heartland Cafe and Red Line Tap, I spend a majority of my time at Extreme Kung Fu (EKF) training in martial arts, mainly San Shou and Muay Thai. It's a place I can get away from it all, so to speak, and do something I still love to do. The coaches they have make learning and training easy to understand, it gives me a sense of physical accomplishment, and helps me gain some focus/discipline that sometimes can be lost working in a nightlife environment. I've been training there regularly for over two years, and in the coming months I'm hoping to compete in my first martial arts tourney since I was 16.

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