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This week's Culture Vultures recommend . . .

The Stars of Fame, Emily Oaks Nature Center, and "Yesterday's Losers"



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Allison Peters Quinn, director of exhibitions at Hyde Park Art Center can't take her eyes off of:

"Yesterday's Losers"

From “Yesterday’s Losers” by Hebru Brantley
  • From “Yesterday’s Losers” by Hebru Brantley

Regardless if you're an art person or not, everyone should get the chance to experience the current underground exhibition "Yesterday's Losers" at a new space calling itself Open Gallery (2150 S. Canalport). You walk in through a graffitied shipping-container-turned-hallway into a cavernous redbrick industrial space containing at least a hundred artworks by emerging artist Hebru Brantley. Primarily a painter, Brantley shows off his grand vision in multiple forms, including large canvas paintings, small drawings, resin sculptures, installations, and even an actual jeep and a motorcycle in the space. Both young and old will enjoy the hubris of this Chicago artist who is on the fast track (already in the collection of many celebrities) and probably won't be here for long.

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