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Culture Vultures: The Stonewall Uprising, Nick Cave, Pilsen, and more



Kevin Harris, community relations director at the Marin Foundation, watched:

Stonewall Uprising by Kate Davis and David Heilbroner

Since we just had the Pride Parade, I just watched this documentary on PBS's website. It gives context to the parade and where it came from, and provides insights on the history of the Stonewall riots of 1969—when New York City cops arrested people for being LGBT. Watching the film, then going to the parade, provided some good reminders for me that things have changed quite a bit. The film celebrates being out and being able to be an individual. I thought it did a good job of providing interviews with people who had known what was going on at Stonewall. Other documentaries get into the fuller history more, but this one focused on one section of the history—the three nights that the riots lasted.

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