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This week's Culture Vultures recommend . . .

Threewalls’ Community-Supported Art, Manual Cinema, and Starz series Boss



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Christy LeMaster, "the indie film maven" in last week's People Issue, totally digs:

  • Joe Riina Ferrei

Manual Cinema Manual Cinema is one of my favorite projects of the last year. They are a collaborative group of puppeteers, graphic artists, and musicians who build engrossing, cinematic, live animation performances. They use a clever combination of shadow puppets and overhead projectors to create the visual landscape and accompany it by playing a live score mixed with prerecorded sound and Foley effects. It's easy to like Manual Cinema; their world is an inventive and beautiful mix of mediums for sure, but what gets me as a film geek is how they also manage to recontextualize cinematic conventions in the process. The editing and framing are performed manually which gives it the feel of a predigital cinema. And the live performance aspect breathes a compelling immediacy into our usual experience of the ubiquitous 2-D screen. Their works completely reenchant me with the moving image. I am really looking forward to their upcoming project FJORDS, a collaboration with the Chicago Q Ensemble based on the poetry of Zachary Schomburg set to run at the Poetry Foundation in February.

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