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When: Wed., March 18, 7:30 p.m. 2009

I started off as a Matt & Kim hater, so I get why some people can’t stand them. Their relentlessly sunny optimism can severely irritate even the mildest of cynics. They also have basically one song—a three-chord organ progression set to a crashing, dancey drumbeat—that they repeat in a dozen variations and call an album, a pattern so consistent that the relatively wide range of keyboard sounds on their new album, Grand (Fader Label), constitutes a major stylistic innovation. Plus Matt sings like he constantly suffers from sinus trouble. But when I met them at an all-ages show they played in D.C.—these two make themselves very meetable—a switch flipped in my head. I suddenly realized that they actually mean what they say, that the whole package isn’t some twee, Muppety, faux-naive shtick but a genuine attempt to inspire positivity and unity in an indie scene corroded by jadedness and apathy—in terms of their mission at least, they’re like an early hardcore band minus the nihilism or Andrew W.K. without all the puking and bleeding. Cut Copy headlines; Matt & Kim and DJ Knightlife open. —Miles Raymer

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