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Dal Paeng Yi Korean Noodle and Snack

Hours: Lunch, dinner: seven days

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Neighborhood Korean with low prices and many vegetarian options.

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The menus are pasted right onto the pistachio walls at this quiet neighborhood eatery—all in Korean, but with most items available at budget prices. The classic bi bim bop is refreshingly light here, without the oil of most and laden with fresh lettuce, sliced carrots, and zucchini and topped with a glistening sunnyside-up egg. Noodle dishes and stews include the comforting yu bu u-dong, a hot soup of fried tofu, fish cake, noodles, and strips of nori and carrots in a mild miso-seafood stock. There are also lobster, chicken, and shrimp stir-fries, plus many vegetarian options: soon du bu is a soft tofu stew with vegetables and rice. Only four banchan, pickled vegetable side dishes, are offered, far fewer than at most Korean restaurants, but they're fresh and full of chiles, spicing up even the mildest meal.

Laura Levy Shatkin

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