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Danny and the Deep Blue Sea


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John Patrick Shanley's romantic comedy about two urban castaways who find solace together begins in a bar and ends in a bedroom. In this Slimtack Theatre Company production, both settings are part of director Michael Rice's apartment--to make scene changes, the actors and audience move from one household area to another. Since this salon-theater show takes place near Broadway and Lawrence, the play's ambience is enhanced by streetlights shining through the windows and by the low rumble of the Red Line (substituting for the boats mentioned in the script). Though the lovers' slap-and-snuggle courtship is conducted in severely restricted quarters, Jenn Remke and Sean Neely never transgress the boundaries of their tiny universe, occupying their roles with unwavering concentration. Through 5/21: Fri-Sat 8 PM. 1142 W. Lawrence, apartment 202, 773-469-5608. $5.

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