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David & Layla

David is a Brooklyn Jew who hosts a cable-access show about sexuality, Layla is a striking Kurdish exile who faces deportation back to Iraq, and their impulsive decision to marry causes a good deal of hand-flapping consternation among their families. Director-writer-producer Jay Jonroy, himself a Kurdish exile, buries his relatively fresh cross-cultural premise under an assortment of tired comic situations (David's longtime fiancee is absurdly tetchy in bed; Layla's family arranges for her to marry a wealthy dork). There's even a scene in which David climbs a ladder to Layla's window to surprise her with flowers, and guess what happens? David Moscow and Shiva Rose star in this 2007 feature, though Callie Thorne handily steals her every scene as the abrasive fiancee. 106 min.

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