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When: July 13-17 2016

It's a classic dorm-style goof, the sort of thing that starts with somebody giggling into his bong and saying, "Or how about Gary Busey doing Hamlet?" Except that David Carl and Michole Biancosino decided not to leave it at that. In this solo show directed by Biancosino, writer/star Carl dons a Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts, and a slippy set of fake buck teeth to give us Busey presenting his own version of the Danish tragedy—complete with puppet castmates and a Ghost whose first line is "Oooga booga." It's a little mean, inasmuch as Busey's famously pixilated personal style may be the result of brain injuries suffered in a 1989 motorcycle accident, but the spin is always toward amiable fun. The real problem here is the tedium that sets in as Carl tries to sustain a slight and silly premise for 90 minutes. —Tony Adler

Price: $35-$45


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