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When: Sat., Oct. 3, 2 p.m. 2009

In his new book, I Drink for a Reason (Grand Central Publishing), comedian David Cross compiles short stories, letters, essays, lists, and thoughts covering random subjects from his atheism to scrapbooking to his childhood to his disdain for Jim Belushi. (From the Things to Do When You Are Bored list: Murder someone who deserves it.) Most of the book reads like stand-up bits or sketch-comedy scenes and the short chapters are easy to read randomly while commuting to work or hiding in a bathroom stall once you get there. At the same time many of Cross's subjects flow from one chapter to the next, rewarding a linear reading. And, much like his stand-up, some of it is hilarous, brilliant, thought-provoking commentary on social, political, and cultural issues, and some of it is just hilarious, like, "Involuntary Random Thoughts I've Had Not Always When I Was Pooing but Certainly When I Was Pooing." Anymore, it's to be expected there will be an accompanying Web site for [insert product name], but instead of a blog or chat room or store, idrinkforareason.com offers audio and video extras including an animated short written by Cross titled Gay Canada Part II. While the clips are supposed to be supplemental to a few of the chapters they work on their own. Actually, I would recommend reading the chapter "Gay Canada" before you watch Gay Canada Part II. Wait. I take that back. That thing doesn't make any fucking sense either way. --Paul John Higgins

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