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Davila 666, Smith Westerns, Mother of Tears, Mickey Recommended Free Soundboard

When: Mon., Sept. 21, 9:30 p.m. 2009

Mac Blackout, aka Mark McKenzie, is one of the most genuinely weird weirdos making rock music in Chicago—and I should know, since I was in the Functional Blackouts with him till the band imploded in 2006. On top of playing in the Daily Void, he’s now fronting a new group, Mickey, with four like-minded knucklehead savants (meaning they’re just as likely to get kicked out of a club), and it’s giving him the chance to bring the feral bubblegum he’s been recording at home for a few years to full flower onstage. Mickey’s beautiful, ferocious scum-glam has all the rock-on catchiness of T. Rex and Milk ’n Cookies without the “let’s pretend we’re bisexual and our balls haven’t dropped yet” bullshit that often comes with the territory. Blackout leaps off the stage and paces back and forth, wearing an absurdly confrontational grin like a cross between Alan Vega and Tomata du Plenty, and the band’s party-puke cover of the Bay City Rollers’ “Saturday Night” is a crude and joyful post-ironic celebration—like binge-drunk Cubs fans yelling along to “We Are the Champions” at a karaoke bar, except far more entertaining. Davila 666 headlines; the Smith Westerns, Mother of Tears, and Mickey open. —Brian Costello

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