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When: Fri., Oct. 30, 6:30 p.m. 2015

Well, there’s supposedly now a new sub-subgenre called “blackgaze,” or at least the think tank over at Stereogum decided to invent one so that they could categorically make sense of the evil-but-pretty sound of Deafheaven. Because it seems as though the “blackgaze” label—which is simply a bastardized blend of “black metal” and “shoegaze”—began its propagation at the exact time the San Fran quartet released its much-anticipated third album, New Berumda (Anti-). Makes sense, I guess. With 2013’s behemoth Sunbather, Deafheaven made blastbeats and tremolo picking household names as they transcended black metal by adding elements of postrock and, yes, shoegaze to create a cascading sound that’s less like a church in flames and more like a violent thunderstorm in the middle of a desolate ocean. And Deafheaven double down with New Bermuda. Front man George Clarke gathers more of a demonic growl from the back of his throat, guitarist Kerry McCoy—who’s recently been embroiled in a minor scandal concerning alleged old tweets of his that contain homophobic slurs—digs deeper into his bag of delay pedals, and drummer Daniel Tracy shreds his kit to bits even further. Just five tracks long, the album begins with a pair of adrenaline shots—“Brought to the Water” and “Luna” are full-bore and heated—before truly bowing down to the “blackgaze” label on the ten-minute-plus “Baby Blue,” which features an arsenal of effects-loaded space riffs and an overwhelming sense of yearning. And, boy, that description doesn’t sound very metal at all, does it?

Kevin Warwick

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