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When: Wed., May 13, 10 p.m. 2009

This Montreal outfit’s full-length debut, End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story (2000), seemed doomed from the outset to be sui generis. It was such an enchanting blast of sad romance, with sustained strings and fuzzy keys working like Vaseline on the lens of the imagination, that the Dears themselves must’ve despaired of equaling it, and the heartbroken scream-singing of main man Murray Lightburn was too distinctive and too personal to allow much wiggle room for would-be imitators. Later albums like No Cities Left (2003) and Gang of Losers (2006) were passionate, but their eager inventiveness sometimes upset the delicate balance apparently required for the Dears’ magic to work. But on last year’s Missiles (Dangerbird), despite losing most of its lineup during recording, the band nailed a new alchemy, slowing down to let myriad influences—Portishead, the Stooges, French movie music, alt-country, Barry Adamson, genius—seep into the tracks like acid rain through an attic roof. Great Northern and the Eulogies open. —Ann Sterzinger

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