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Death to All, Gorguts, Morta Skuld 17+ Early Warnings (Music) Soundboard Recommended

When: Tue., June 26, 8 p.m. 2012

Guitarist Chuck Schuldiner, who founded legendary death-metal band Death in 1983 (he could be credited with naming the genre, if the word weren't so ubiquitous wherever vocals are growled), faced his own death with courage in 2001—but it required more courage than it should have. In an all too familiar story, he was uninsured, and after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, he spent his final months struggling with finances and insurance companies, sometimes delaying surgeries and other treatments for lack of funds. Even star-studded benefit concerts and the help of famous friends couldn't save him. For the Death to All tour, seven members of Death from the band's four 90s albums—guitarists Paul Masvidal, Shannon Hamm, and Bobby Koelble, bassists Steve DiGiorgio and Scott Clendenin, and drummers Gene Hoglan and Sean Reinert, who's soldiering on despite a ruptured Achilles tendon—will be joined by vocalists Steffen Kummerer (Obscura) and Charles Elliott (Abysmal Dawn) and "special guests" to plunder the band's rich 80s and 90s catalog. Openers Gorguts—who have their own loss to mourn, Viking style, because former guitarist Steeve Hurdle passed away in May—will set the bar very, very high. This tour is a benefit for Sweet Relief, a nonprofit that tries valiantly to fill the gaps in medical funding for musicians in need. —Monica Kendrick Gorguts and Morta Skuld open.

Price: $32, $28 in advance

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