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Decoding a gang compliment card 

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OF 14
“The Simon City Royals are calling out their enemy, the Kilbourn Park Gaylords,” Johnson says.
“Cyco was a member of the Koz Park branch of the Simon City Royals who was killed by the Gaylords.”
“More shit talking. A knock against the Lawndale Altgeld Gaylords—Spy being a member of the Gaylords the Simon City Royals killed.”
“The cross with the three points at the top is a common Simon City Royals symbol.”
“Kosciuszko ‘Koz’ Park in Logan Square is where this branch of the Simon City Royals was located.”
“The Royals’ cross is splitting in half the smaller cross that’s the symbol of the Gaylords. The G and L are upside down as a dis.
“The banner reads spy rots, which is an obvious put-down of a member of the Gaylords killed by the Royals.”
“The upside-down symbol of the rival Insane Deuces gang is a sign of disrespect.”
“The Royals are also enemies of the Latin Kings, so the crown is upside down. ‘K K’ stands for ‘King killer.’ ”
“The rabbit with the bent ear was a Simon City Royals symbol. The one on the left is throwing up a middle finger with its right hand, like ‘fuck you,’ and throwing down—disrespecting—the Latin Kings symbol with its left hand.”
“The rabbit on the right is throwing up the Simon City Royals’ crossed fingers with its left hand, and it’s throwing down the Gaylord sign, which can be seen as the upside-down L formed with the thumb and forefinger of its right hand.”
“The pitchfork represents the Simon City Royals’ membership in the Folk Nation.”
“The cross with the three points is yet another Simon City Royals symbol, this one in a more simplified form.”

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