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The insanely athletic 'Chicago Women of Song'

Deeply Rooted Dance Theater closes out its 15th season


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Deeply Rooted Dance Theater celebrates its 15th year by barreling into its season-closing concert, no holds barred. One of two new pieces on the program is the insanely athletic, musically and physically quirky Bach'd, choreographed by associate artistic director Gary Abbott to Johann Sebastian's lively, nuanced Violin Concerto in A Minor. Chicago Women of Song, also new, features five female solos created by five choreographers using music recorded by classic chanteuses associated with Chicago. Carolina Monnerat brings a strung-out abandon to Abbott's solo, which is set to Anita O'Day's virtuoso if schizoid 1958 rendition of "Sweet Georgia Brown." By contrast, Carmel Louis dances her solo—choreographed by Deeply Rooted artistic director Kevin Iega Jeff—with a consummate, sexy cool rivaling that of the singer, Dinah Washington. The work's jointly choreographed finale brings all five women together in a moving celebration of sisterhood danced to Jennifer Hudson's "I'm Here." Also on the bill: Jeff's 1991 Church of Nations and 2010 I Am Deeply Rooted.

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