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Just why is it that feminists are so busy picketing the Promise Keepers' convention [Our Town, May 30]? After all, Promise Keepers is a fairly innocuous organization that, though advocating patriarchy at home, also advocates many positive goods, such as sobriety, chastity, and good citizenship. And while Christianity advocates different life stations for men and women, it is almost unique among the world's monotheistic religions in the dignity it grants to women.

Why aren't feminists out picketing Orthodox Jewish synagogues, or mosques? Aren't these two faiths even more retrograde in their "sexism"? For that matter, don't the Mormons teach that women only have spiritual worth if they are married, while men have intrinsic worth? Now, there's something to protest!

Could it be that feminists are picking and choosing their targets in much the same way that animal rights fanatics throw paint on nice old ladies in fur coats while leaving the leather-clad boys on Halsted Street strictly alone?

R.M. Schultz


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