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Deja Vu

Dana (Victoria Foyt, who wrote the screenplay with director Henry Jaglom) is in Israel on business when a chance encounter with an older woman changes her itinerary—and begins a story that's a cross between a fairy tale and a Twilight Zone episode. To reveal any more of what happens in this intellectual romance would be to give away the half surprises—though what's intriguing about it isn't suspense, but the way the characters attempt to digest the plot's predictable coincidences. Vanessa Redgrave turns up in a secondary role to encourage the two main characters to rethink their decisions. As these reluctant lovers consider whether stability and romance are mutually exclusive and which is more important, they're not only expressing amazement and confusion (the stock emotions of fantasy and dark fantasy) but trying desperately, if sometimes pretentiously, to figure out what it means to be human and what it means to love. The filmmakers ask the same questions, though the answers they come up with—and the horribly rushed climax—are too easy (1998).

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