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When: Fridays. Continues through June 30 2017

To create its "pop culture comedies," Under the Gun Theater has a habit of taking ingeniously banal concepts and producing disarmingly intelligent improv. The concept this time, in a show that first debuted in April: screen a clip from a bad movie, identify an incidental character in the scene, then improvise the life story that led to this character’s insignificant moment. Thus the unaccountably unemotional girlfriend of a passing murder victim in I'm Gonna Git You Sucka begins life as a preschooler so "strongly annoying" her mother won’t stay home to care for her. Then she’s tutored by a cowboy (who may be a hallucination) in the art of killing cows with her bare hands. And so on. In typical fashion, the improvisers rarely shy from bold, incongruous choices, yet somehow make most everything fall into place. —Justin Hayford

Price: $12


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