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Petite and saucer-eyed, Audrey Tautou is the closest thing in today's cinema to Audrey Hepburn, and she embraces their similarity in this passable French rom-com (2011), modeling an endless succession of cute outfits. Early scenes show her character blissfully married to a scruffy Adonis (Pio Marmai), whose death in a car accident leaves her stonily bereaved; an unlikely emotional savior arrives in the form of a balding, toothy, potbellied Swede (Francois Damiens) who works in her office. Their princess-frog courtship has some funny moments, but the trauma and ongoing adjustment of someone losing a spouse is downplayed too much for the story to be entirely convincing, and other plot concerns accumulate in the second half to create a bit of a muddle. David Foenkinos wrote the screenplay and codirected with his brother, Stephane. In French with subtitles.



  • David Foenkinos
  • Stéphane Foenkinos


  • Audrey Tautou
  • François Damiens
  • Bruno Todeschini
  • Mélanie Bernier
  • Joséphine de Meaux
  • Pio Marmaï
  • Monique Chaumette
  • Marc Citti
  • Alexandre Pavloff


  • Xavier Rigault
  • Marc-Antoine Robert

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