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Hours: Lunch, dinner: seven days
Open late: Friday & Saturday till 11

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Ethiopian restaurant across from the Green Mill.

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"Would you like something to drink?" asked the sweet-faced waitress. "Ethiopian beer, or some honey wine?" It was a reasonable question, and the wine, a goblet filled to the rim with sweet mead, was delicious. If only she had asked 20 minutes earlier—like, before we ordered. This sort of disorganization was typical of our dinner at Demera, an Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurant at Lawrence and Broadway, across from the Green Mill. Menus were slow to appear, actual food even slower, and I’m not actually sure we got everything we ordered. But the array of Ethiopian wats (stews) was creative and tasty. The extensive menu features a wide range of traditional preparations of lamb, chicken, beef, and seafood, but we opted for the diners’ choice vegetarian combo with a side of doro wat: two chicken drumsticks simmered with onions, garlic, and ginger and served with a hard-boiled egg in a thick, fiery berbere sauce. Presented on a platter lined with deliciously sour injera, the veggies included gomen (collard greens) and tikel gomen (cabbage and carrots) stewed in the same complex blend of onions, garlic, and ginger and served with fresh green pepper; shiro, a mild mix of legumes, ginger, rue seed, bishop’s weed, and garlic; and the house specialty ye-selit fitfit, a fluffy pile of injera bits flavored with roasted sesame, garlic, onions, and ginger. Hung with African art and set around the perimeter with little woven tables, the two rooms are warm and cheery. And there’s an upside to the hit-or-miss service: you can linger as long as you want.

Martha Bayne

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