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Desperately Seeking Self-Help


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To the editors:

We were amused and touched by Marya Engelmann's description of phone encounters with strangers desperately seeking CODA (Codependents Anonymous) [Our Town, December 10]. We are well aware that locating self help groups can be, by their very informal and anonymous nature, quite a challenge. That's where our organization comes in. The Self Help Center exists to connect people, free of charge, to the more than 3,000 self help groups meeting in Illinois, from A Support Group for Parents Who Have Lost a Child to the YMCA Divorce Hotline.

For free information on self help groups, call us at 708-328-0470. CODA's correct phone number, incidentally, is 312-609-3100, offering information on more than 100 meetings in Illinois. CODA defines itself as a fellowship of men and women whose common problem is the inability to maintain functional relationships. It uses the 12 steps and 12 traditions of AA in hopes of solving their common problems.

Daryl Holtz Isenberg, Ph.D.


The Self Help Center/Mental Health Association in Illinois

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