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Diary of the Dead

After jump-starting his career with Universal's Land of the Dead (2005), George A. Romero lined up independent financing to shoot this low-budget fifth installment in his zombie cycle. In the previous movie the undead had all but conquered the planet, yet here Romero begins again as if nothing has happened, focusing on a handful of contemporary film students whose horror-movie shoot is interrupted by an outbreak of zombie violence. Like The Blair Witch Project and the more recent Cloverfield, Diary is a mockumentary, supposedly shot by the kids and edited on a laptop; though the premise requires a fair amount of indulgence, it also allows Romero to recapture the indie spirit of his landmark debut, Night of the Living Dead (1968), even as he reflects on the noise of the information age and his own legacy of unbridled gore. R, 95 min.

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