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Dillinger Four, Japanther, Bridge and Tunnel, Holy Shit! Recommended Early Warnings (Music) Soundboard

When: Thu., June 4, 8 p.m. 2009

Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek met in 2001 at New York’s decidedly hoity-toity Pratt Institute—they’ve referred to Japanther as “more of an art project than a band”—but their home turf is a humid, smelly show space with a busted toilet and exposed wiring. The DIY duo crank out gritty, lo-fi pop punk—the kind of stuff that pairs perfectly with a low-hanging ceiling and a 40-ouncer of Olde English from the liquor store around the corner—with just bass, drums, electronics, and old telephone headsets repurposed as crappy vocal mikes; their most recent full-length is 2008’s Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt (Wantage). Like Matt & Kim, Japanther may be getting too popular to keep playing the kind of shows where they belong—set up on the floor in the middle of 53 rowdy kids crammed into a living room—but they’re charismatic enough to hold their own even up on a big lonely stage. The Dillinger Four headlines; Japanther, Bridge and Tunnel, and Holy Shit! open. —Kevin Warwick

Price: $12

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