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Disturbing Behavior

Housewives in Stepford had it no better than teenagers in Cradle Bay, where this waste-of-time thriller is set. It rehashes the idea of suburbanites colluding to create new, improved versions of difficult members of their community, adding nothing to the repression allegory and even confusing the issues. In a couple of transparent exploitation scenes, teens whose brains have been rewired by a smooth-talking psychosurgeon run amok after being sexually stimulated. The hackneyed motivation of the doctor (Bruce Greenwood) is eventually revealed in another type of exploitation scene, set in a mental institution. To suck up to a youthful audience, the movie pretends to endorse the idea that kids ought to be free to smoke intoxicants, have sex, and get bad grades—a position that might seem more sincere if these behaviors weren't assiduously avoided by most of the main characters. David Nutter directed a screenplay by Scott Rosenberg. With James Marsden, Katie Holmes, and Nick Stahl (1998).

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