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DJ C, Mega Mike, Boogymon, Sam Gray Free Soundboard

When: Thu., June 9, 10 p.m. 2011

It's hard to call an album "fun" without seeming like you're damning it with faint praise, and artists rarely talk about setting out to provide an enjoyably low-key, pleasant listening experience. All the same, those are the qualities I really like about DJ C's new album, Umami (released by local blog-and-label Mashit). Recent trends in dance music have focused on extremes—neck-snapping rhythmic twist-ups, Adderall-level tempos—but as exciting as that sort of thing can be, it's also really exhausting. (Try composing a coherent e-mail while listening to a 160 BPM cumbia track without having a panic attack.) DJ C's spin on dance music is innovative without being quite as in-your-face; his blend of dubstep, tropicalia, and electro-pop is clever and sounds futuristic, but he's not trying too hard to impress you with it. The message I get from "In This Dub"—which reimagines Usher's hit "Love in This Club" as a chiptune-dubstep hybrid, complete with a sample of Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone"—boils down to "stop overthinking shit and go jump up and down on that couch over there." —Miles Raymer

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