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Dr. Dog, Cave Singers, Golden Boots Recommended Member Picks Early Warnings (Music) Soundboard

When: 2009

Dimitri Manos and Ryen Eggleston separately moved from Philadelphia to Tucson, where they met in 2001 and shortly began making music as Golden Boots. They’ve earned a reputation for making ramshackle pop, and on the recent Winter of Our Discotheque (Park the Van) they do nothing to disturb it. They stuff their music with odd overdubs and low-budget sonic clutter, processing a guitar into blurts of barely recognizable sludge or adding splashes of stuttering delay to the snare drum, but even when all this on-the-cheap studio geekery starts to feel a little fussy the melodies are strong and catchy enough to carry the songs. Golden Boots, now a four-piece, often get compared to the Flaming Lips, probably because of their shambling feel, but to me they sound more like a long-lost offshoot of the Elephant Six collective—maybe Robert Schneider of the Apples in Stereo fronting a cryogenically preserved Neutral Milk Hotel, except not nearly as good as that sounds. Dr. Dog headlines; the Cave Singers and Golden Boots open. —Peter Margasak

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