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Drunk and Drunker


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Drunk and Drunker, Corn Productions, at the Cornservatory. Many of the sketches in this revue might have been written by slackers or stoners in a high school drama class. Though the scenes are somewhat more polished, they're rife with easy jokes in poor taste about social rejects, people with mental defects, drinking, drugs, and sexual fantasies. Often dully unoriginal, the sketches are unified by the tired construct of drunks watching TV.

Still, the skewering of such celebrities as Paula Poundstone, Bob Hope, and Tom Skilling is on target, and much of the comedy gleaned from observing drunks is funny. Scenes from a fictional television show--"Caught on Tape: Inebriates at Work"--written by Michael Brooks and Dan Waters are good (especially Tammy Stackpoole as a 911 operator). And a cartoonish spoof by Patrick Brooks with an action hero called the Enablor (Waters) and his sidekick Chaser (Dave Ouano), whose catchphrase is "down the hatch," deserves to be fleshed out.

For the most part, though, Drunk and Drunker is just 80 minutes of juvenile humor aimed primarily at guys who've had a few beers. One sketch explores "hot girl-on-girl action," a bikini-clad woman carries a sign, and there are dancing nurses and schoolgirls (balanced out, maybe, by dancing "toolbelt boys"). Essentially this revue brings Comedy Central's loutish The Man Show to the stage.

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