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When: Wednesdays. Continues through Nov. 14 2017

Sean Flannery is distinctly qualified to host a show like Drunk Science, a multimedia stand-up revue dedicated to the science behind getting wasted. And we should know: the Reader named Flannery "Best Drunk" in the 2014 Best of Chicago issue, something he acknowledges by showing the audience that you can't google "Sean Flannery" without the search engine asking, "Did you mean Sean Flannery drunk?" (Sorry about that, Sean!) More than just a well-regarded boozer, however, Flannery is one of Chicago's best comedians, the ultimate living room comic whose hilarious personal stories and kindly everyman style create a relaxed, congenial vibe. A blue-collar Irishman from the hard-drinking city of Cleveland, he comes equipped with tales of drunken debauchery, but his sweet nature and storytelling prowess set him apart. Drunk Science derives from Flannery's previous show, The Blackout Diaries, in which he gathered local comics and professional barflies to share their most outlandish drinking stories, complete with video and photographic evidence that backed up their claims; the stories—and the evidence—are back, but this time around, Flannery straps on his science pants and explains the molecular, chemical, and biological effects alcohol has on the human brain. Turns out there's a legitimate reason we drunk-dial former lovers or crave greasy food after pounding a few drinks, but rather than let education get in the way of humor, Flannery expertly bridges scientific insights and raucous, knee-slapping comedy. So the next time you wake up on your front porch with your wallet missing and your head aching, you needn't ask yourself, "Man, why did I do all that stupid shit last night?" Thanks to Sean Flannery and Drunk Science, you'll already have the answer. —Drew Hunt

Price: $20

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